Saturday, 9 August 2014

VW Golf Mk2 Electric Window Guide Channel Rusted - Window won't shut properly

When I bought my VW Golf Mk2 the driver's window had a fault that meant it worked fine on the electric window switch for dropping the window but to raise it again the glass had to be held as it would otherwise drop on one side. So why did the window not shut properly?

I had bought a new window regulator mechanism and assumed that one of the connectors had come adrift causing the window to not line up once it had been lowed. The actual cause was far worse! 

VW Golf Mk2 Electric Window Guide Channel Rusted
On closer inspection the window channel guide that the window glass slots into had rusted completely in the centre section where the guide attaches to the window regulator mechanism. Rather than replace the window guide (price around £10) a previous owner had glued the window guide retainer further along the metal from the rusted area. This now meant it was no longer central so the weight was not evenly spread and the window therefore fell down at one side as a result. In order to get the regulator to fit they had also had to bolt the regulator to different holes in the door, again pushing the weight away from the centre of gravity.

Fortunately a fairly easy and cheap fix to replace the window guide channel and rubber and refit to the new window regulator mechanism. 

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