Monday, 25 August 2014

Cleaning VW Golf GTI Car Seats Covers in Washing Machine

If you've ever struggled to get your car seats clean just by cleaning them in the car even with a Vax or sponging them off then removing the seat covers and putting them through the washing machine is a good option as it enables them to be fully washed rather than just the surface.

What temperature do you need to use to wash car seat covers in a machine?

These are the seat covers from my VW Golf GTI that I removed and washed at 40C. They came up really clean and removed 25 years worth of dirt on them! I wouldn't recommend a higher temperature than 40C as it may shrink the fabric but certainly that temperature has worked fine on all the seats I've tried it with.

You can find out how to remove the covers from seats in a VW Golf here. The video shows the Golf Mk4 but exactly the same process was used to remove the seat covers in my Golf GTI Mk2.

Cleaning Car Seats in Washing Machine
Cleaning Car Seats in Washing Machine

VW Golf GTI seat covers after washing machine
VW Golf GTI seat covers after washing machine

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