Friday, 29 August 2014

Golf Rear Stub Axle Replacement/ Brake Disc/Rear Wheel Bearing Fitting Instructions & Guide

Steps to replacing the stub axle on a mark 2 VW Golf GTI 16V. These photos show the process for replacing the rear stub axle on a VW Golf Mk2 but will equally apply to fitting a new rear wheel bearing or rear brake disc to the car.

Loosen wheel bolts, jack car and remove rear wheel

Wheel removed showing brake disc and rear bearing

Remove rear bearing cover & locking pin

Pin removed from rear bearing

Remove 2 bolts holding rear brake caliper on

Remove bolts holding brake carrier to brake disc

Remove calliper carrier

Remove brake disc

Rear brake disc removed with wheel bearing resting on it

Remove dust cover and access to 4x stub axle bolts

Remove wheel bearing components

VW Golf Mk2 wheel bearing replacement guide

Remove stub axle bolts from rear beam

Stub axle removed showing rear beam

Old stub axle removed from VW Golf GTI

Brake calliper and wheel bearing components removed from car

New rear stub axle fitted and brake cover attached

New dust cover fitted to stub axle covering bolts

Dust cover fitted and rear wheel bearing placed on top

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