Sunday, 24 August 2014

My First VW Golf GTI 8V - The 1986 registration C650OFW

My first VW Golf GTI was a black 1986 model 8v that I bought in Feb 1998. The registration was C650OFW and it cost me £1750. Unfortunately the car was written off in November 1999 but the memory of how great the car was to drive stuck with me and inspired my current purchase of my 16V Golf GTI I'm running now.

C650OFW was my first Volkswagen and after previously having driven low powered Fords since passing my test it was a different experience to have a car with what seemed so much power. It also introduced me to the build quality of VW cars. During my ownership there was a recall for the heater matrix and I had to take the Golf to our local dealer for the bypass modification. I was stunned that a 13 year old vehicle would be treated in such a way but I have since found that it does reflect VW brand reputation.

The other difference I found buying a 12 year old VW compared to Fords was the lack of rust. Even for a car of that age there was only minimal rust on the body yet previous Fiestas that were much younger had suffered from more serious rust.

The only surviving photo I can find of the car is one taken on the truck as it was taken away after the accident.

Photo of Golf GTI C650OFW written off
Photo of Golf GTI C650OFW written off

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