Other Cars I've Owned

As well as the Golf GTI that I owned back in 1998 there are a few other classics that I've owned over the years. Most recently I ran a Porsche 911 for a year and blogged about the running costs over that time. The difference between the 911 and Golf Mk2 couldn't be much more extreme but the Golf is still a great fun car to drive.

VW Golf MK2 GTI 8V C650OFW
Ford Fiesta 1.6S 1989 G464NKL
Austin Maxi 1750 1980 JKE927V
Ford Fiesta 1.1 1993 H160EPX
Ford Fiesta 1.4Ghia 1987 E652EGU
Vauxhall Cavalier Mk1

As you can see when I first started driving I was a real fan of Ford Fiestas and for the first 5 years those were the only cars I owned! After the 1993 Fiesta I needed to save for a house to cheap cars were the order of the day. They don't come much cheaper than a custard yellow £200 Vauxhall Cavalier from 1980. I wish I'd kept it as the price is substantially more than £200 now!

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