VW Golf - Job & Maintenance List

These are the jobs that I've identified some from before purchase, others after more detailed inspection having owned the car for a few weeks.

Rear wiper has been removed
Corrosion on tailgate so numberplate light is loose

Rear bump stops deteriorated
Rear springs
Rear shock absorbers
Dashboard lights not working at night
Front wheel trim not properly attached

Front springs
Rear stub axle replacement

Having purchased my 1989 Volkswage Golf GTI 16Valve there were a few jobs that I identified when inspecting the car before purchase and during the test drive as well as items declared in the advert. There are also various faults & trim issues that have come to light having worked on the car and used it for a few weeks. It might sound like a massive list but you have to bear in mind that the car is 25 years old with 177,000 miles on it - far younger cars have more serious faults and many of these are jobs that can be done over time - if I have the patience to wait!

I've listed below all the major and minor items both mechanical and trim that I've noticed that will need attention and over time will mark off the list as the jobs are completed.

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