Monday, 28 July 2014

VW Golf 16V KJetronic Engine Tuning Setup

When I bought my VW Golf MK2 16V it wasn't idling correctly and generally didn't feel as responsive as I was hoping. There was also a range of previous wiring and alarm systems that had been fitted to the car over the last 25 years that I wanted to get tidied up.

I found a local company that specialise in motorsport, in particular racing VW Golf Mk2 cars so thought it would be worth giving them a call. I took the car for them to look at and they were fantastic, hugely knowledgeable and suggested areas to work on. I booked the car in for it to be done and the difference was amazing on the drive back home.

VW Golf 16V KJetronic Engine Tuning Setup
VW Golf 16V KJetronic Engine Tuning Setup
There are very few garages that know how to adjust the KJetronic now so locating one that dealt with them daily was a great find. I've since been back for various parts and found them a great source of info and tips for the MK2 Golf.

Their website is Saxon Motorsport based in Cranbrook Kent

Friday, 4 July 2014

What is the VW Golf Mk2 Standard Suspension Height?

What is the VW Golf Mk2 Standard Suspension Height?

When I bought my Golf it had been substantially lowered. The invoices that came with the car suggested it had been dropped by 20mm with Eibach Pro lowering springs but the look of the car suggested something much more than this. One of the MOT advisories was that the rear springs were excessively corroded so I decided that replacing them with new would be sensible option.

Having removed all the shock absorbers and checked the condition of the springs they certainly didn't appear to be the Eibach version and looked much more compressed.

Once all the springs had been replaced with brand new  Eibach Pro lowering springs the car was quite a bit higher than before and from measurements I'd taken had raised the ride height by around 20mm. There is still a bit more to come as some of the components required replacement but had to be ordered to fit later.

What is the VW Golf Mk2 Standard Suspension Height?
What is the VW Golf Mk2 Standard Suspension Height?
The measurements for the ride height of the car after fitting Eibach springs was as follows (measured from centre cap to top of wheel arch):

Driver's side - Front 315mm
Passenger Side - Front 315mm

Driver's side - Rear 295mm
Passenger Side - Rear 300mm

There is an issue with the passenger side rear wheel so I will be replacing the stub axle shortly. It will be interesting to see how much difference that makes to the height.

Measuring slightly differently from the ground to the top of wheel arch the VW Golf GTI 16V suspension height was:

Driver's side - Front 580 mm
Passenger Side - Front 575 mm

Driver's side - Rear 560 mm
Passenger Side - Rear 590mm

The car currently has 195/45/15 tyres on the front and 195/50/15 on the back which may also explain some of the difference between front and rear suspension height.