Sunday, 22 June 2014

VW Golf Mk2 Dashboard Removal to replace Lights

It's been a productive day with the Mk2 Golf GTI and the list of jobs to do is getting (slightly) shorter. Several off the list but one more added on!

The priority today was to replace the dashboard bulbs as they were not working but hopefully fix the intermittent fault with the rev counter and MFA (trip computer) as the dashboard needed removing in order to fit new bulbs behind the instrument cluster. 

Having removed the instrument cluster the clocks (speedo & rev counter) unit was taken out as shown above and the bulbs removed. The existing bulbs were not the correct ones for the car and had been soldered to melt the plastic sufficiently to fit into the slots shown below.

The new bulbs I fitted were specific for the VW Golf so slotted perfectly into the holes in the board.

Instrument cluster showing the 2 sockets. Some other Mk2 Golfs have single socket/connection setups so it is important to check if you are replacing the unit.

Once the dash was reassembled the lights were checked and all bulbs now illuminated the panel. Unfortunately the rev counter and MFA are still not working. They seem to be intermittent depending on temperature so when the car warms up they stop working.

Other items fixed today included fitting the radio correctly and routing the MP3 3.5" jack lead behind the centre console. While removing the centre console we also checked the Idle Control module that sits behind the console controlling the Idle Control Valve. We believed there to be a fault with the  Idle Control module as the car was not idling correctly when cold and the ICV had already been checked and found to be working.

Having removed the centre console we found the  Idle Control module. The connector lead wasn't totally in place so we removed and refitted having cleaned the terminals. Fortunately this seems to have cured the problem for the moment which has saved the cost of a replacement.


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  2. I'm having an issue with the trip computer, it has frozen so partly illuminated with bits of numbers since going into the garage to have some work done on the alarm and immobiliser, have you experienced that before and what issue did you have with yours? Really like your blog by the way!

    1. I haven't unfortunately but the LCD panel can be removed and replaced similar to the way I took it apart above. Glad the blog is of use!