Friday, 27 June 2014

VW Golf Gearbox Inspection Plug Replacement

Something that seems to be a common requirement to replace on a VW Golf is the gearbox inspection plug. Over time the plugs seem to jam so have to be broken to access the inspection hole meaning that a replacement is needed.

The only place online that I could find replacement Golf Gearbox Inspection Plugs was on Ebay. It appears that the plug is the same for the Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3 VW Golf so there are many required as standard items. The cost on Ebay was uniformly £13.49 which seems a lot for a small piece of plastic.

While I was at my local Volkswagen dealer to collect another part I checked on price and availability for the gearbox inspection plug. Surprisingly the cost was lower than Ebay and with the dreaded VAT came in at £8.50, not a massive saving but worth checking for.

VW Part number for the gearbox inspection plug is 202-301-129B

I've now found a number of VW specific items that can be obtained more cheaply from the local dealer so it is always worthwhile to check before assuming that Ebay is automatically the cheapest place for parts.

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