Sunday, 22 June 2014

Golf Mk2 Horn Blows Fuse - Horn Not Working on Steering Wheel

One of the faults on the to-do list was to investigate why the horn was blowing a fuse on the VW Golf MK2 GTI.

On the MK2 Golf the horn is activated by pressing the middle of the steering wheel. For some reason this was not working on my car so the previous owner had wired an air horn under the bonnet with a button on the dash to press instead.

Having had the wiring in the engine bay tidied and the after market alarm removed I also had the secondary horn removed and the dash button changed back to a blanking plate so the horn could be set via the steering wheel again.

Initially this all worked fine, however later on a journey it appeared that the horn on the wheel was no longer working again. While we had the dash apart to replace the instrument cluster bulbs we also checked the fuses.

According to the VW manual the fuse for the horn is meant to be 15A but the one fitted that had blown was only 10A. This was replace with a 15A fuse as per the spec in the handbook so hopefully this will resolve the problem with the horn working again.


  1. Replies
    1. It did for a while. However on further investigation and taking the steering wheel off it became clear there was a short due to one of the retaining bolts/screws not being secured so allowing the contacts to move. Once that was fixed the problem hasn't occurred again