Monday, 23 June 2014

VW Golf GTI & 16 Valve 1988 Original Sales Brochure

VW Golf GTI & 16V 1987/88 UK Sales Brochure

I managed to pick up a mint 1987 VW Golf GTI & 16 Valve sales brochure on Ebay. It is interesting to see how the car was marketed at the time and to see the original spec. As a result of the photos in the brochure I've realised that my 16 Valve is missing a logo from the glovebox that was specific to that model.

I'll get the whole Golf 16V brochure scanned as a PDF so that you can view it in it's original glory, another one I've seen online is low res PDF so isn't very easy to read.

VW Golf GTI 1988 Sales Brochure
VW Golf GTI 1987/88 Original Sales Brochure

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