Thursday, 26 February 2015

VW Golf GTI 16V Badges - Where are they located?

The markings for the  16V version of the VW Golf Mk2 are quite subtle and there are only a few places where it is obvious as the car otherwise looks identical to an 8V to the eye.

There are 3 different red 16V badges around the car - on the tailgate next to GTI logo, on the front grill and inside the car on the glovebox door.
VW Golf GTI 16V Badge
VW Golf GTI 16V Badge on boot
VW Golf 16V badge on front grille

When I bought my Golf GTI I soon realised one of the badges was missing - interestingly this wasn't the obvious ones from outside that could have been stolen by anyone walking past the car - but the 16V badge that is meant to be on the glovebox was no longer there.

I was lucky to find someone breaking a 1990 16V that had the badge intact and after a small payment including postage was able to restore the glovebox back to its original condition.

VW Golf 16V badge on glovebox
VW Golf 16V badge on glovebox

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