Friday, 20 February 2015

VW Golf Steering Problems - Jerky and Pulling on Bumps

Difficult to explain but the steering in my Golf has been rather vague and when cornering has felt as if it is fighting back plus felt very jumpy over any bumps in the road.

I'd been waiting until I got the suspension sorted to get the tracking done and finally took the plunge today.

When they checked the tracking it was way out. The garage then found they were unable to adjust on the driver's side as the bolt on the track rod was rounded off so couldn't move. The other track rod end was replaced a couple of years ago so seemed fair enough to get replaced if it sorted the steering.

After a long wait while the parts got delivered to fix it, fortunately the local pub was nearby to get lunch, I came back to get the car - wow! The drive back home was fantastic, really smooth, no tugging from the steering when cornering and felt so responsive. 

I just wish I'd done it earlier so thanks to A2 Tyres for a brilliant service today.
VW Golf Track rod end/tie rod nut rounded off

 As shown in these photos the nut and thread on the track rod end/tie rod was rounded off so the adjustment to the tracking couldn't be set. These were replaced and the tracking is now spot on!
VW Golf Track rod end nut rounded off
VW Golf Track rod end nut rounded off

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