Tuesday, 2 September 2014

VW Golf MK2 16V Standard Ride Height

Now that I've fixed the rear stub axle and fitted the original bottle top wheels to my MK2 Golf GTI 16V I thought it would be interesting to see how the ride height has changed.

The car is on Eibach Pro lowering springs which give a 20mm drop compared to standard and has new standard spec shock absorbers on the rear, currently Koni adjustables on the front which I'll be changing soon too.

The ride height now is marginally different to before but despite replacing the stub axle the rear passenger side is still slightly higher than the rest of the car.

(From top of wheel arch to floor/Top of wheel arch to middle of wheel)

Front - Driver's side             580/330mm
Front - Passenger side         580/330mm

Rear - Driver's side             580/330mm
Rear - Passenger side         590/330mm

VW Golf MK2 16V Standard Ride Height
VW Golf MK2 16V Standard Ride Height

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