Monday, 11 May 2015

Fitting Replacement VW Golf Mk2 Radiator Mounting

When I bought my Mk2 Golf GTI 16V the radiator was held in place on one side with a cable tie. One of the jobs on my list was to replace this with the correct radiator mount VW part but despite placing an order with the local dealer they found the part had been discontinued.

VW Golf Mk2 Radiator Mount - with cable tie!
 Fortunately I had the other original radiator mount still in position so I was able to use this to see how it should be attached.
VW Golf Mk2 Radiator Mount
VW Golf Mk2 Radiator Mount
Although the radiator mount itself was no longer available new I managed to find a refurbished one on Ebay. I also located some 1 1/4" rubber tap washers that were the perfect size to use as the cushion for the mount.

Now the correct mounts are fitted to the radiator there are no cable ties left holding parts together under the bonnet!

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