Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Golf 16V G250XAN Update One Year On

It's now nearly 12 months since I bought my Golf GTI 16V registration G250XAN so it seems like time for an update one year on.

The car came in fairly good working order but with a few MOT advisories and interior that needed some work.

So I've replaced the driver's seat, fixed all the advisories and more, had GTI racing specialist setup the KJet injection and most recently fitted refurbished BBS alloys to the car with new Dunlop BluResponse tyres.

Interior shot showing new seats  G250XAN
Interior shot showing new seats

With the new BBS alloys

With original Montreal Bottle top alloys

G250XAN in 2015


  1. This was my car around 10 years ago, great to see it being looked after, my favourite ever motor

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